This is a collection of 8 objects that I have photographed myself. These objects are all black. However, they are very different in their respective fields. Black symbolizes minimalism and signature style of understated elegance with a strong feeling of individuality.

Keep healthy everyday.

This is the water bottle that I use everyday. Well-designed body with small capacity. I drink about 7 bottles of water everyday to keep my body activating. Obviously, this kind of bottle is not enough to support me when I am playing soccer.


Eyes are the windows to the soul.

I have got myopia for a long time. Glasses is one of the most important tool in my life. I see glasses as part of my body.


The best mate of PCs.

Without my mouse, life with PCs is not easy. Good mouse can give me better mood. Not only for study but also for gaming. This mouse is not a good mouse though.


Worst transport card I've ever seen?

It's not that bad but, the service should be upgraded. On the good side, this card is pretty light, small and thin, just like a card.


Black pen which can be seen everywhere.

My life in Uni doesn't need the pen so much. I'm not a good student who always take notes in class. I just keep it to make people think I'm studying.


Home of pens.

I've mentioned that I don't often use my pens. I still take this pen case with me. Not because I value it as a tool. This the gift that my mom gave me before I came to Australia.


Super useful partner in bedroom.

It's not necessary to buy a pillow when you have already got one on your bed. But the fact is, I feel good when I'm playing video games and hugging it.


Imagine life without shoes.

Shoes are one of the greatest inventions. This pair of Nike shoes helps me walk outside and play sports. Well-designed shape and comfortable interior construction make me relaxed when I'm walking.


Information about the owner

The owner of this collection is me. My name is Jintao Le. I'm a normal first-year student in Monash Uni. The collection can be viewed in my house.